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Practice Yoga and Meditation Yoga and meditation are the most effective treatments for regularizing menstrual cycle without medicines. Yoga and meditation helps in relieving stress, which is one...
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Cold Compress Wrap a handful of ice cubes in a thin towel. Apply the compress to the affected knee area for 10 to 20 minutes. Do these two...
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Ginger has a very long history of use in various forms of traditional/alternative medicine. It has been used to help digestion, reduce nausea and help fight the flu and...
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Vegetable Oil First soak your feet in soapy water and scrub your feet with a pumice stone. Wash your feet and then dry them thoroughly. Apply any vegetable...
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Broccoli Cooked or raw, this cruciferous veggie is well-known for its cancer-preventing powers, but with a punch of filling fiber in less than 30 calories a serving, it's...
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Don't slack off about brushing and flossing your teeth. Do so after every meal. Carry a travel toothbrush and toothpaste to work if you have to so you can...
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Hydration Make sure you are constantly drinking water. We live in a country that has clean water readily available. Don't put in flavourings with chemicals. You want...
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Drink lots of water during the day Water is the best way to revitalize and lack of sufficient hydration is often at the heart of feeling tired....
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1. Puttu Puttu is a unique delicacy that is chiefly eaten in Kerala. Rice is ground and filled into metal or bamboo holders...
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Clove Oil Cloves are a traditional remedy for numbing nerves; the primary chemical compound of this spice is eugenol, a natural anesthetic. But clove oil needs to be...
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Artificial Lemon or Lime Juice You would be much better off using real lemon or lime juice. It might take a little extra work, but not only will...
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Oats An easy first step to improving your cholesterol is having a bowl of oatmeal or cold oat-based cereal like Cheerios for breakfast. It gives you 1 to...
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Greens Go beyond your regular salad and try kale, spinach, and chard. They are healthy, delicious, and low-carbohydrates. Roast kale leaves in the oven with olive oil for...
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Passive smoking Passive smoking occurs when a person who is not smoking breathes in the smoke from people who are smoking. Passive smoking can irritate the eyes and...
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Maintain a Healthy Weight Hypertension, when coupled with obesity, is dangerous to long-term health. Obesity can cause poor circulation, stress on joints and bone structure, and stress to...
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Blend lemon juice with a little honey, then add a pinch of cayenne pepper and swallow. The honey coats your throat, soothing irritated tissues, while the lemon reduces inflammation...
Remedies for Cough
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A spoonful of Honey Take 1 tablespoon of honey 1-3 times daily as needed to control coughing. Take immediately before bed if cough is disrupting your...
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Avoid Processed Foods While a cheeseburger and fries might be comforting while you’re eating it, all that grease does nothing more than prevent hunger. Processed foods, such as...
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Ginger Mix equal quantities of ginger juice, pomegranate juice and honey. Consume one tablespoon of this mixture two or three times a day. Alternatively, you can mix one...
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Eat Calcium Rich Foods In addition to dairy products, choose fish with bones such as salmon, sardines or whitebait. For additional benefits, serve them with a side of...
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Heat and Cold Therapy Heat and cold therapy are among the cheapest, quickest remedies for swelling and pain caused by knee arthritis. Heat therapy may include use of...
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Ginger extract Ginger is available in many forms. It can be purchased in pre-packaged supplement form at health food or vitamin stores. Ginger root or tea can be...
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Sinus sufferers should completely avoid:Fried Starchy foods, White sugar, White flour, Rice, Pies, Cakes, Strong spices, Meat and meat products.
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Fenugreek Seeds This is treated as a natural home remedy for while liquid discharge in many ladies. You must consume it by diluting it with hot water. It...
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Lower Blood pressure Reduce the salt in your diet to no more than 1,500 milligrams a day (about a half teaspoon).Avoid high-cholesterol foods, such as burgers, cheese, and...
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Add a half cup of vinegar to lukewarm bath water and soak for five to ten minutes.Boil artichokes and cook until soft. Eat the bottom part of the leaves....
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Get more exercise If your back is hurting, you may think the best way to get relief is to limit exercise and to rest. A day or...
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Steam Steam is also an effective home remedy for a runny nose. It helps clear out excess mucus that causes a runny nose and sneezing. Hold your face...
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Gargle with warm Salt Water By gargling with salt water you decrease the swelling, as salts primary function is to draw out water, which in turn shrinks the...
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As per the latest research made a group of scientists, one can keep the Doctor away by consuming a handful of nuts a day. These nuts include hazelnuts,...
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