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Almost every girl loves wearing perfume and there are many tips and tricks, than can help prolong the presence of your wonderful fragrance. It’s not recommended to rub your...
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Honey is known as a natural cleanser which exfoliates your skin to bring out a radiant and glowing complexion. Washing your face with honey once or twice a week...
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1.Omega 3 Fatty acids – Salmon, Fish oil supplements, Sardines Smoking, obesity, and high cholesterol can negatively affect your ovarian blood vessels, which blocks hormones and...
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Start eating natural, unprocessed foods Always eat more fruits and vegetables as they have more vitamins and minerals. Avoid eating processed foods and artificial flavor dishes as they...
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1. Water To stay well hydrated, drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water each day. In addition to this, you must...
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Body heat can be produced due to variety of factors among which the environmental heat that surrounds your body plays an important role. The normal body temperature of a...
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Curry leaves aid your scalp’s restoration process and its essential nutrients help your hair follicles to breathe. You can either consume them or apply them on your scalp. Premature...
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Nagarjuna's Devotional movie, Om Namo Venkateshaya released this morning across the globe. The movie has got good Positive talk right from the first show from movie lovers and critics....
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The average woman gets foot pain after a mere hour in pumps. But high heels impact your body beyond just making you want to sit down. The higher the...
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1.    Curd based face PackIngredients – One Kiwi, A small bowl of curdMethod – Peel the fruit and cut it in small pieces. Now, place these kiwi pieces...
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1. Orange Juice Soak your nails in fresh orange juice for at least 10 minutes. Rinse them off with warm water,...
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No lotion or potion is going to magically make your fine lines and wrinkles disappear, but slathering on moisturizer before you apply foundation and concealer will temporarily plump up...
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Have the injured person lie down and elevate the site that is bleeding. Remove any visible objects in the wound that are easy to remove. Control the bleeding before...
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Indian Lilac Boil a handful of neem leaves in four cups of water. Cool and strain the solution. Use this decoction as a hair rinse two or three...
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Fish Omega-3s are known to decrease inflammation, help with immunity, and lower the risk for heart disease. Fish is also a good source of the nutrient selenium,...
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Swallow something sweet Have a spoonful of sugar is a popular hiccups cure because its graininess could slightly irritate the esophagus, causing the phrenic nerves to "reset" themselves,...
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Side Sleepers Doctors encourage sleeping on the left side during pregnancy because it improves circulation to the heart, which benefits both mom and baby. Side sleeping is also...
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Over the counter drugs If you have chronic diarrhea, you shouldn’t use these drugs without your doctor’s consent. Chronic diarrhea is a case of diarrhea that lasts more...
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Nuts Nuts are also healthy sources of magnesium. That's big, because a diet low in magnesium may contribute to constipation for those who also have a relatively low...
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మనకు దొరుకుతున్న వాటిలో అన్నంటికన్నా ఎక్కువగా బలాన్నిచ్చే పధార్థం ఏదని ఎవరైనా ఠక్కున అడిగితే కాసేపు తడుమొకొని, విటమిన్లు, ప్రొటీన్లు, మినరల్స్ గురించి చెప్తుంటాం మనం ! ఎందుకంటే, మన బుర్రకి ‘ ఉప్పు ’ అనే విషయం తట్టదు...
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Avoid OvereatingIn today’s world of supersizes and it is easy to lose sight of what a proper portion is. This is especially true when eating out because restaurants dish...
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Ginger Ginger is an effective remedy for gastric trouble. It is best for treating indigestion as well. In order to prevent the stomach gas from getting formed, chew...
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Practice Yoga and Meditation Yoga and meditation are the most effective treatments for regularizing menstrual cycle without medicines. Yoga and meditation helps in relieving stress, which is one...
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Cold Compress Wrap a handful of ice cubes in a thin towel. Apply the compress to the affected knee area for 10 to 20 minutes. Do these two...
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Ginger has a very long history of use in various forms of traditional/alternative medicine. It has been used to help digestion, reduce nausea and help fight the flu and...
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Vegetable Oil First soak your feet in soapy water and scrub your feet with a pumice stone. Wash your feet and then dry them thoroughly. Apply any vegetable...
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Broccoli Cooked or raw, this cruciferous veggie is well-known for its cancer-preventing powers, but with a punch of filling fiber in less than 30 calories a serving, it's...
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Don't slack off about brushing and flossing your teeth. Do so after every meal. Carry a travel toothbrush and toothpaste to work if you have to so you can...
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Hydration Make sure you are constantly drinking water. We live in a country that has clean water readily available. Don't put in flavourings with chemicals. You want...
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Drink lots of water during the day Water is the best way to revitalize and lack of sufficient hydration is often at the heart of feeling tired....
360 results - showing 151 - 180  
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