A Legacy for Hindi Education in USA

A Legacy for Hindi Education in USA

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In the late Nineties 
and during the first decade of 21st century I worked in a publishing 
company dealing with readers reviews of newly published books. Those 
were the years of the onset of Internet age that was strengthening its 
grip on the electronic media. Print media was collapsing, readers were 
moving towards blogs, podcasts, newsletter and e-commerce.

I was among those feeling marginalized 
finding no option than to look for a new profession. The profession of 
teaching required face to face interaction with students in classroom. I
 came in contact with STARTALK program that proved to be an ideal system
 for teaching Hindi in the community using modern tools. The program 
offered teachers training opportunities at various universities. I was 
selected by the University of Pennsylvania teacher training program for 
this training. On the other hand, we needed to collaborate with local 
schools and colleges for developing quality program under STARTALK. With
 the support from open minded community leaders like Upendra Chivukula, 
who was a member of NJ Assembly, I was able to launch our first short 
term Hindi program in a public university in 2010. Since then I achieved
 a number of milestones in my journey to promoting Hindi learning and 
its use in the community.

A large number of language experts 
support and encourage me. A growing number of Indian-American parents 
have supported our program by sending their children to study Hindi 
during the summer vacation. Most of these supporters don’t speak Hindi 
but truly understand the importance of promoting its teaching in USA. We
 have the back and the ears of the Ministry of External Affairs, 
Government of India, whose officials have quietly extended their support to our programs.


With the help of our ever powerful 
community and successful professionals Hindi Sangam Foundation is moving
 towards fulfilling its mission to establish a K8 language school where 
Hindi will rule. Students will learn all subjects including Science and 
Math in Hindi up to the standards of six or eight after which English 
learning will be introduced. Research tells us that Bilingual students 
of immersion programs graduate from High School with top scores. They 
grow up as proud adults who reflect the values of their native culture 
and qualities of the education system of the adopted land, in our case, 
India and the USA. Such students make both cultures proud of 
themselves-America, where they grew up and their native culture from 
where their parents or grandparents came from.


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