Xavier University School of Medicine held its first Annual Alumni Global Meet at Aruba

Xavier University School of Medicine held its first Annual Alumni Global Meet at Aruba

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 (TIP): On September 29th, the Xavier University School of Medicine held
 its first Annual Alumni Global Meet at its campus in Aruba.  This 
collaborative event brought together the Xavier University School of 
Medicine’s President, Chairman, Chancellor, Board of Trustees, Alumni, 
Clinical Chairs, Special Guests, Basic Science and Clinical Faculty, 
Clinical Students, and Basic Science Students. 

 Ravishankar Bhooplapur initiated the event with remarks on Xavier’s 
past achievements, tremendous progress, and its bright future.  He 
discussed the importance of quality education and the current management
 and ownership of the school.  President Bhooplapur shared memories of 
visiting Aruba with Chancellor Dr. JG Bhat ten years ago and falling in 
love with the beautiful island and all that it had to offer.  President 
Bhooplapur also spoke about the vision he saw for the school and what he
 did to make that vision become a reality.  Xavier currently holds a 
double accreditation from CAAM-HP and ACCM.  President Bhooplapur spoke 
highly about Xavier’s graduates and their prestigious medical positions,
 many of whom were also at the event. He thanked them for taking time to
 share their journey and advice for current students to hear.  President
 Bhooplapur announced that Xavier will be seeking state 
approvals/accreditations from New York and California
 in addition to others in the coming years.  Xavier has obtained 
approval from the Government of Jordan and currently runs its Pre-Med 
programs in Jordan, Ghana, and India.

 Left to Right: Special Guest Dr. Peter Urazov, Acting Chief Academic 
Officer Dr. Arun Dubey, President Ravi Bhooplapur, Special Guest Dr. 
Ravi Gupta, Special Guest Dr. Shawn Cannon

pride, President Bhooplapur also spoke about Xavier’s 94% passing rate 
on the USMLE Step 1 and its Match rate that is approaching 70% with a 
goal of 100% to be attained within the next three years.  President 
Bhooplapur welcomed everyone and thanked them for participating and 
aiding to the event’s success. 

 Edwin Casey addressed the gathering and spoke about the tremendous 
pride he takes in being part of the Xavier community. In his remarks, he
 stated that he recognizes the potential in each student and is certain 
that they will make an impact to the field with their advanced knowledge
 base of modern medicine.  He told the students and guests that they are
 the future doctors of this world and that he is here to support them 
every step of the way. In his closing statements he said, “Together, we 
all succeed.”

Xavier’s Alumni, Board of Trustees, Administration, Clinical Chairs & Faculty, and special guests

Casey was pleased to announce that Xavier will be starting a 501c 
foundation where alumni can donate to and support potential incoming 
students and other academic activities. 100% of the proceeds will go to 
scholarships and other academic activities including research for 
students with strong academic and social backgrounds.

 Dr. JG Bhat discussed the tremendous growth of Xavier students along 
with their commendable skills. He also spoke about the need for doctors 
and the positive impact they have on all communities.  He emphasized to 
students that even as doctors, you never stop learning. 

Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Arun Dubey, introduced the new Dean of 
Clinical Science, Dr. Joseph Balsamo.  Dr. Balsamo, a practicing 
clinician, has been active in the field of medical education for over 20
 years.  Dr. Balsamo had been a visiting faculty member at Xavier for 
several years while vacationing on the island.  He addressed the crowd 
to let them know he is available to assist all students in helping them 
achieve their dream of becoming a doctor.  He is excited to help in the 
advancement of Xavier’s admission and thanked President Bhooplapur and 
Dr. Dubey for the opportunity.

Xavier Students before attending Alumni Global Meet

Rachel Karmally, Alumni Chair and a 2012 Graduate of Xavier, concluded 
the first session by explaining how excited she was to return to the 
island of Aruba and to Xavier.  She shared memories about traveling to 
Aruba and how she entered the pre-med program at 18 years old.  She 
thanked all the professors and administrators who helped her along the 
way in accomplishing her dream.  Dr. Karmally has a passion for medical 
education and, after completing her chief residency year in Internal 
Medicine, she is now an Associate Professor of Internal Medicine as well
 as having her own patients.  As part of one of Xavier’s first classes, 
she also emphasized to current students that they have a wealth of 
resources in the alumni and they should take full advantage of that. 
 She stated that Xavier alumni are always available to help and answer 
questions and be mentors for them.  They will always be open to giving 
each student honest and accurate information to help them achieve their 
goals and succeed. 

the first sessions concluded, the rest of the day’s events began. 
 Distinguished doctors spoke during the next session. They addressed the
 students and spoke to them about what to expect when starting their 
clinical rotations, the process of residency, and how to always be 
prepared to attain your goals. Dr. Ravi Gupta, a Medical Teacher and 
Director of Residency Operations, Dr. Shawn Cannon, a Specialist in 
Osteopathic Medicine with over 20 years of experience as a Medical 
Educator, and Dr. Peter Urazov, a Medical Director and the Director of 
Medical Education, were among those who presented. Students were eager 
to ask questions following their presentations.  We are very thankful 
that these prestigious doctors and program directors were able to join 
our event.  

A panel 
discussion and presentation by Xavier alumni took place during the 
afternoon session. In a joint presentation, they spoke about a variety 
of topics including how to study and learn in basic sciences, 
preparation for USMLE, how students should choose their rotations, and 
most importantly, how to decide what type of residency they want to go 
for.  Students expressed that they were thankful to hear first-hand from
 alumni.  The Q&A segment was the highlight of all the sessions as 
it gave students the opportunity to ask anything they wanted, which left
 students filled with eagerness and desire. 

with the notable presentations and speeches, Xavier’s Administration and
 faculty also held strategic development sessions to plan the continued 
success and growth of Xavier.

President Bhooplapur and the rest of Xavier look forward the second Annual Global Alumni Meet next year.

 Bhooplapur, President, Edwin Case, Chairman,  Dr. JG Bhat, Chancellor, 
Trustees Dr. Ravindra Kota,  Dr. PK Prahalad, Dr. Anthony Shallash,, 
 Frank Croes,  Dr. Arun Dubey, Acting Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Burton
 Herz, Associate Provost, Dr. Joseph Balsamo, Dean of Clinical Science, 
 Dr. Richard Pomerantz, Director of Medical Education – Baltimore Dr. 
Lakshmi Dodda, Director of Medical Education – Chicago’ Dr. Paul Liu, 
Chair of OBGYN, Dr. Madhu Rangraj, Chair of Surgery, Dr. Sanjivan Patel,
 Chair of Pediatrics,  Dr. Parvez Mir, Chair of Internal Medicine, Dr. 
Cheryl Carrao, Chair of Family Medicine,  Dr. Ramesh Naik, Faculty – 
Internal Medicine, Dr. Rachel Karmally, Alumni Chair – Class of 2012, 
Senior Staff Physician and professor at Henry Ford Hospital, Dr. 
Abdulrahman Aboud, Alumni – Class of 2016, Family Medicine Resident at 
Michigan State University Hospital, Dr. Lee Berman, Alumni – Class of 
2011,Chief Psychiatry Resident at Delaware Psychiatry Center, Dr. Hassan
 Al-Khalisy, Class of 2013, Fellowship in Pulmonary & Critical Care 
Medicine at Upstate Medical University – SUNY, Dr. John Samaan, Alumni –
 Class of 2010,  Psychiatry Resident at Larkin Community Hospital, FL, 
Dr. Amanda Wolf, Class of 2015, Family Medicine at East Peirce 
(affiliated with MultiCare Good Samaritan Hospital, WA),  Dr. Adrienne 
Hicks, Alumni – Class of 2007, Psychiatry Resident at Harlem Hospital, 
NY, Dr. Sumeet Singh, Alumni – Class of 2013, Psychiatry Resident at 
Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital, Washington DC, and   Dr. Asaad Wahid, Alumni
 – Class of 2015 were among the attendees. 


Special Guest Presenters included Dr. 
Ravi Gupta, Internal Medicine Residency Program Director at Brookhaven 
Memorial Hospital, Dr. Shawn Cannon, Social Medicine Residency Program 
Director at Southampton Hospital, and Dr. Peter Urazov, Family Medicine 
Residency Program Director at Brookhaven Memorial Hospital.


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