Enforced disappearances and extra judicial killings of workers in Pakistan

Enforced disappearances and extra judicial killings of workers in Pakistan

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 (TIP): MQM 
held a large demonstration, on July 30, in front of White House against 
para military operation to suppress Mohajirs, enforced disappearances 
and extra judicial killings of MQM workers in Karachi. The demonstration
 was attended by MQM Convener Nadeem Nusrat, members of Coordination 
Committee; office bearers along with large numbers of workers, 
supporters and members of Pakistani Diaspora from all walks of life, 
including ladies, elders and youth.

The demonstrators demanded that the 
Pakistani establishment should stop these cruel tactics of “unlawful 
kidnapping” of Mr. Hussain’s relatives in order to cause him to bow his 
head down, a wish of their which will never fulfill. They held banners 
and placards demanding US government to take notice of worst form of 
human rights Violations, Enforced Disappearances, Extra Judicial 
Killings, Inhumane Torture, Ban on Political and Social activities of 
MQM, Media Blackout of MQM’s Founder and Leader Altaf Hussain.

MQM’s Founder Altaf Hussain joined the 
participants via tele-conferencing and addressed the participants in a 
brief speech. In this address, he went on to condemn the role of 
Pakistan Army and ISI in Karachi, particularly against the Muhajir 
community. In his speech, he urged US government to play its role in 
stopping the genocide of Mohajirs and Baloch in Pakistan. Mr. Hussain 
said that US and international aid which Pakistan gets is being spent to
 nourish jihadi infrastructure in the country. The military and civilian
 aid to Pakistan should be made conditional on the human rights record 
of the country. He said that Mohajirs are looking towards US 
administration and Congress to help them in their struggle for an 
autonomous province in Pakistan. If the demand of a separate Mohajir 
province is not met by Pakistan then Mohajirs will decide their future 
line of action. Mr. Hussain said that Pakistan has become the epicenter 
of global terrorismSupreme court
 took action against elected prime minister but can they take action 
against those who provided refuge to Osama bin Laden and other most 
wanted terrorists.

On this occasion, MQM’s Convener Nadeem 
Nusrat addressed the participants. In his address, he denounced the 
state oppression upon most liberal political force of Pakistan in 
strongest words possible, and went on to term is a Genocide upon 
innocent Muhajirs in Pakistan. He stated, that our Political Offices 
have been razed to the ground, dozens killed extra-judicially by the 
state, hundreds are missing, thousands are behind bars awaiting justice 
for crimes they didn’t even dare to commit. If this wasn’t enough, 
family of our Founder and Leader Mr. Altaf Hussain and Coordination 
Committee member Mustafa Azizabadi have been targeted. He went on to 
question, how long will the world allow Pakistan to carry-out such 
heinous acts against Mohajirs?

Furthermore, he elaborated that Nawaz Sharif has been convicted for his corruption,
 when will the army generals be convicted for their corruption, human 
rights violations, and for fostering and harboring jihadi terrorists.


The demonstrators vowed to continue 
raising their voices till justice is sought in Pakistan, and 
perpetrators of such deliberate Human Rights Violations are brought to 


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