Dallas Fort Worth area Indians hold a candle light vigil for victim of Kansas hate crime

Dallas Fort Worth area Indians hold a candle light vigil for victim of Kansas hate crime

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Irving Texas. Prominent leaders of the metroplex attended the vigil, including some elected officials from the City of Irving and key leaders from the Indian Community.

Around 200 people from various communities attended the vigil. Ronit Dandia, a freshman at University of Texas at Dallas, gave a heart warming speech where he mentioned that for every perpetrator of crimes like Adam Purinton, there are many heroes like Ian Grillot in this adopted homeland of ours,referring to the heroic act of Ian who intervened in the shooting to protect the Indian Americans that were in the line of fire. He called Ian Grillot a ‘True American hero, a real life Captain America and Superman all in one’.
Ronit mentioned that while any killing is uncalled for, it was particularly painful to note that the deceased victim Mr. Kuchibhotla had a very high opinion of this country and was ‘a gentle soul, sharp,good with kids, always willing to help others, top of his class engineer, had an exceptional personality,was very kind and compassionate to all he came in touch with, and always had a smile on his face’.

Various speakers commended the Kansas Law Enforcement that was swift in apprehending the shooter within a few hours of the shooting. They also thanked the Senators, Mayors and Congressmen that came out in open condemnation of the shooting, which has been termed a hate crime. Some also were thankful to President Trump for declaring “we are a country that stands united in condemning hate and evil in all its forms’, and wished for more stringent messages from all our leaders, on all sides of the political spectrum, at all levels of government.One speech echoed the sentiments of many by suggesting that “we all focus on the benevolence,compassion and bravery of those around us and appreciate it”, and not get carried away by a few individuals that have been affected by hateful and divisive thoughts. Someone quoted a reassuring saying which goes ‘Hope is a much stronger emotion than fear’.

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