Another speeding accident & another Fatality

Another speeding accident & another Fatality

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Another speeding accident & another Fatality
Yojana Saxena aged 41, was riding down Parker/Midway, Plano with her husband Rajiv saxena (45) and younger daughter Rhea (8),last night Dec 10th around 10:40 PM after family dinner. 
Yojana's family were hit behind by a car over speeding . Yojana was severely hurt and taken to emergency (Medical center of Plano) followed by surgery for severe internal bleeding, Yojana was pronounced dead around 2 AM, Dec 11th.

However Rajiv and Rhea survived with minor injuries. Fortunately, their older son Yash (13) was safe and not involved in the accident.

As her entire family is in India, Yojana Saxena's body needs to be send to India.

There will be lot of unforeseen expenses. Any timely help is greatly appreciated.

Every Dollar counts. Any help goes a long way to the family. Please help to spread the word.

Go Fund requested By Gomathy Sundarbabu on behalf of Bharath Madhyam
Photo Courtesy - Gofundme

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