APTA Deepavali Celeberations in Connecticut

APTA Deepavali Celeberations in Connecticut

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APTA Deepavali Celeberations in Connecticut
American Progressive Telugu Association (APTA) conducted North East Regional Conference Deepavali Sambaralu in Manchester, Connecticut in a big way. Telugu community from all over United States of America attended this Regional Conference.
Conference Convener Sri Nataraju Elluri and Co-Convener Sri Sridhar Nissankararao conveyed their vote of thanks to all conference attendees. For this Regional Conference USA YSRCP convener Sri Rathnakar Pandugayala and his Yuvasena volunteers played major role in making conference arrangement and success by going above and beyond.
APTA New England Team led by Sri Nataraju Elluri and APTA President Sri Gopala Gudapati facilitated famous Boston entrepreneur Sri Subbu Kota and famous Endowed Chair (Highest honor) in Neurology, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Dr. Naga Gopal Venna. Sri Satyanarayana Chandana introduced both to all APTA guests.
Cultural activities by kids and adults enthralled all our conference guests. Sri Raghu Kunche, Smt. Adarshini, Sri Seshu Akula, Sri Sravan Matlapudi, Smt Shalini Gandham, Smt Subha Ravuri, Sri Subhash Tanniru, Lavanya Ande, etc did wonderful job with their singing. Sri Ravi Varre and Sri Sekhar Nallam sponsored musical concert. Sri Bhaskar Rednam, sponsored snacks, tea and traditional mouthwatering Telugu meal for all guests during dinner. Smt. Nandita Beegala sponsored bags with APTA logo and Diya (lamp) as a symbol of our traditional Deepavali festival.
APTA’s one of the founder Sri Srinivas Chimata and APTA’s current president Sri Gopala Gudapati along with Board directors and executive team members preceded this regional conference. Sri Kiran Palla conducted Next Gen Kids Q&A program live show on stage with kids and parents.
AMAP (APTA Medical Assistance Program) chair Dr. Kumar Kottapalli, Dr. Ravi Akula, Dr. Venkata Satyanarayana Nagireddi, Dr. Neeraja Chavakula conducted Diabetis awareness Q&A session with conference guests. Also facilitated North East region famous doctors, Dr. Suryanarayana Siram, Dr. Sai Kolla, Prof. Allam Apparao.
For this conference so many volunteers and sponsors spent their personal time, money to make this regional conference grand success. Sri Suresh Karothu, Sri Srinivas Sunkara, Smt. Subha Ravuri, Smt. Kalyani Tanniru, Smt. Sarada Kopperla, Smt. Praveena Ravuri anchored the entire event diligently. Finally, Regional Conference convener Sri Nataraju Elluri did the final vote of thanks.
I wish for our APTA organization to grow day by day and in future we take up new strategic services like Mana Kosam Manam both in USA and India, especially in both Telugu States (Andhra Pradesh and Telangana).

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