Will India join the US in Scientific Revolution?

Will India join the US in Scientific Revolution?

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The US spends half a trillion dollars a year on scientific 
research—more than any other nation on Earth—but China has pulled into 
second place, with the European Union, third and Japan,
 a distant fourth.   China is on track to surpass the US by the end of 
this year, according to the National Science Board.  In 2016, annual 
scientific publications from China outnumbered those from the US for the
 first time.

“There seems to be a sea change in how people are talking about 
Chinese science,” said Alanna Krolikowski, a Chinese science expert at 
Missouri University of Science and Technology. Foreign observers, many 
of whom were once condescending, now “are rather in awe at what the 
Chinese policies have accomplished.”

The scientific advances are a small piece of China’s larger 
ambitions.   President Xi Jinping aims to supplant the USA as the 
world’s economic superpower within three decades.  In October Xi vowed 
to produce “a world-class army by 2050.”  Meanwhile, China is spending 
more on infrastructure than the US or Europe, and the middle class has 
ballooned – making relocation more attractive.

India was ahead of China in nuclear development and could have tested
 before 1964, when China tested. India was foolish to wait for China to 
test first; and tested only in 1974.  The US punished India with severe 
sanctions.  Indian scientists were shut off from all international 
scientific conventions.  India further tested in 1998 and the US 
punished with more sanctions.  Thanks to George W Bush for offering 
India civil nuclear agreement that lifted the sanctions of 3 decades.  
India was shut off for 30 years.   Nehru may be held responsible for 
enabling China to advance ahead of India.

There is something dangerously wrong with Indian policies.  After 71 
years of independence, India is unable to deliver water and electricity 
24/7 to all Indians.  Why?   The Indian Institute of Technology is 
branded No.1 in the world.  At least 50,000 of IIT alumni have settled 
in the US. As citizens of the USA many of them have performed par 
excellence in different fields.

Prime Minister Modi must take aggressive steps to transform India 
from backwardness to modernization. He should liberalize policies to 
encourage the USA to invest and participate in the Indian economy.  Modi
 physically embraced Trump at the White House. He must follow up by 
India embracing the US and seek full alignment with the USA.    Chester 
Bowles, American Ambassador to India during Truman’s and Kennedy’s era 
fell in love with India and recommended a strong partnership with the 
USA.  But Nehru turned down the offer.    India pretended nonalignment, 
but it was aligned with the Soviet Union.

Prime Minister Modi must capitalize on the opportunity President 
Trump has offered to India in technology, defense, and economic 
development.   If India gives carte blanche to the USA, India will be 
modernized within the shortest possible time enabling the US to import 
consumer and industrial products from India instead of from China.Full 
access to the latest U.S. technology and investing in research and 
development can make India compete with China.  India is the youngest 
country in the world.  India is also the largest English speaking 
country in the world, second being the USA.    India should be able to 
create huge employment opportunities for its large supply of engineers, 
scientists and management professionals.


Close alignment with the US will strengthen India’s national security
 and protect its sovereignty. China will think twice before threatening 
to attack India.  Future wars will be won by whoever has superior 
technology.   In this context, India should continue to align with Israel, besides, of course, its close alignment with the US.


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