The Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago (JSMC) plans grand celebration of the 25th Anniversary of temple

The Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago (JSMC) plans grand celebration of the 25th Anniversary of temple

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Media conference was held by Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago (JSMC)
 on Saturday, June 2 at JSMC temple, 435 N Route 59, Bartlett, IL 60103

The Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago
 (JSMC), Bartlett Illinois, is preparing for a grand celebration of the 
25th Anniversary of its temple from June 22 to July 1, 2018 in Bartlett,
 IL. More than 4000 people are expected to witness this historical 
celebration. This will be the first Jain temple in North America with 
“Shikhar” or dome to complete 25 years. A number of dignitaries, 
speakers, and faith leaders from US and India
 will grace the occasion. With the mission of preserving and sharing 
Jain way of life, JSMC has grown great with 1900+ proud life members 
(families) and expanded its facilities in a 17.5-acre lot with a 
monumental temple and Community Center.

Since 1970s, Chicago has experienced 
tremendous growth in population. A great part of this growth has come 
about as Chicago has become more international in character. Story of 
Jains in Chicago parallels that of Chicago. During this brief period, 
Jain population exploded from less than thirty families to more than 
nineteen hundred families. Jains built a beautiful eighty-four thousand 
square feet Jain Center and Temple at 435 North Route 59, on the 
northeast corner of Route 59 and Route 20 in Bartlett, Illinois. 
President of JSMC executive committee Mr. Vipul Shah is very excited and
 mentioned that, “This is a milestone year for all Jains in and around 
Chicago and indeed the whole of US. We have put in a lot of planning to 
ensure that all our guests have a great experience.” Chairman and Board 
of Trustees of JSMC, Mr. Atul Shah added, “Our unity, dedicated 
volunteers, visionary leaders and generous donors, over the last 25 
years is the main reason that we are a role model Jain society in North 

The ten- day celebration includes 
various religious, cultural, educational and entertainment events to 
keep the audience enthralled. There is also a separate track of 
activities for youth and young adults. Planning for the celebration has 
been going on for the last 6 months and has now reached a feverish pace 
with over 200 volunteers working to put finishing touches with the 
Executive Committee and Board of Trustees leadership.

JSMC Members

PR & Media co-leads Mr. Hemant Shah 
(past Chairman) and Dr. Mukesh Doshi (past Chairman) also explained, “We
 are building on a very successful legacy of 48 years of JSMC.” Chicago 
is very fortunate to have remarkable history of the first Jain who 
landed 125 years ago – when Shri Virchand Raghavji Gandhi pioneered 
Jainism in western world and represented Jains in first parliament of 
World religious conference held in Chicago in 1893.  Therefore, the 
roots of Jain religion were already planted. Since 1970, this society is
 standing on contributions of generous donors, dedicated volunteers and 
passionate leadership of visionaries. We are humbled to be part of this 
society that is regarded as symbol of Unity and harmony among all Jains.

About Jain Center of Metropolitan Chicago (JSMC)

Founded in 1970, JSMC caters to the 
religious, educational, cultural and community needs of Jains in and 
around Chicago. After building North America’s first Jain temple with 
Shikhar in 1993, the organization undertook a major expansion in 
2008-09. With more than 1900 families as life members, JSMC has 
maintained its unity of Shwetamber, Digambar, Sthanakvasi and Shrimad 
sects over the years and has continued to inspire the Jain values of 
non-violence, multi-pluralism and non-possessiveness.

These members engage in various 
religious, cultural, educational, social and community activities on 
close to 160+ days in a typical year. Over 500 students register in the 
Pathshaala that meets every 1st and 3rd Sunday. The Center has also 
become a preferred location to host other events – given its state of 
the art community hall and dining facility available on rental. A 
7-person elected Board and a 13-person elected Executive Committee 
manage JSMC with support from many /committees.

Jainism is a religion and a way of life 
for Jains around the world.  The primary purpose of JSMC is to increase 
the awareness of the principles of Jainism, achieve the unity of all 
Jains, provide a platform wherefrom to project the voice of Jain 
religion, promote the feeling of amity and unity among Jains and to 
promote inter-faith understanding. Jainism, which originated in India, 
at least five thousand years ago, has largest number of followers (about
 4 million) in India.  It has nonetheless, influenced the world peace 
through its message of non-violence and forgiveness. Jainism indirectly 
influenced Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, as he followed the example and 
non-violent methods of Mahatma Gandhi in his struggle for equality and 
civil rights for all minorities in USA.


Jains have been on a path of 
Non-Violence, Non-Absolutism (Anekantvad), and Non-possession 
(Aparigrah) for thousands of years. And Science is walking hand in hand 
with us on this path. For thousands of years, Jains have believed in 
meditation, yoga, animal compassion, vegetarianism, environmentalism, 
equal rights for women, respect for other cultures and forgiveness. 
Jains believe that universe is eternal and that Jain religion, which 
explains the rules of the universe, is therefore eternal, with no 
beginning and no end. Last perfected soul known (Tirthankar) to us is 
Lord Mahavir, who was born in 599BC, near Patna in Bihar, India.


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