Noor Hindi Movie Review, Rating-2.5/5

Noor Hindi Movie Review, Rating-2.5/5

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Bottom Line: It's Sonakshi show all the way!
Noor wants to get into issue-based journalism but hasn’t found a solution to her own issues yet. The movie gets this generation right, it has to get its flaws right too. Noor introduces a conflict which is serious and relevant, but offers very little by way of resolution Between a flawed love life, a flailing career and daily struggles with weight, she finds her meaty story which is a comedy drama movie.
Director Sunhil Sippy has achieved the rare feat of not stereotyping people in the media by showing them as jopinionated creatures. There is an instant connect with Noor’s world and her friends are as silly as yours, her issues are at times frivolous but her quarter-life crisis seems credible. The film is slightly over-written but lines are mostly funny. Sonakshi Sinha had acted brilliantly in the movie. Sonakshi Sinha had acted as a working woman in the city with lot of struggles and financial crisis.
The music for the film is composed by Amaal Mallik. There are seven songs in this soundtrack and it is Mallik's second outing as a solo composer. The cinematography work was performed absolutely neat by Kelko Nakahara and the editing part is also made amazingly by Aarif Sheik. In fact the technical aspects are made well without any complaint. The background scoring was also excellent.

Watching Sonakshi Sinha play this part is the most starkly disorienting thing about Noor. The movie gives her a chance to be an actual flesh-and-bone person. She’s relatable as a girl who swears by her rum, eats cake in bed and becomes the third wheel on a friend’s date. where Noor falls short, Sinha rises to the occasion. Gill brings a lightheartedness to the movie and Smita Tambe delivers equally well in half the screen-time. This is the great debut that has come seven years into Sonakshi’s career.  Watch the fun filled movie this weekend and have a great time.


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