Udta Punjab Movie Review And Rating -2.5/5

Udta Punjab Movie Review And Rating -2.5/5

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The most controversial movie 'Udta Punjab' has finally got released today and let's see how the movie has shaped up. The movie opens with a drug dealer who comes from Pakistan and he has a crore-worth heroin powder. Alia Bhatt is a Bihari migrant worker and she steals the heroin in an unfortunate incident. She decides to sell that herself. At the same time, drug-addicted Rapper Tommy Singh (Shahid Kapoor) has created a song that rhymes “coke” with “cock”. He faces some inevitable consequences. Sartaj Singh (Diljit Dosanjh) is an Assistant police officer who just feeds on bribes. He leaves trucks packed with narcotics and heroin after getting bribe. But he is shaken and stirred when his own brother develops an addiction. His brother lands up at a clinic run by Kareena Kapoor. The rest of the story is about the drug trade and who solves this drug problem !
Shahid Kapoor has got a role of a life time once again. He fits the bill perfectly as Tommy Singh. As a cocaine addict, he has shown some stellar performance. Kapoor managed to get the perfect looks. But in some scenes, it looks like 'Over acting'. But may be that is how an 'Addict' behaves ! Alia Bhatt with brown make-up did a neat job. As an immigrant she has picked up the perfect Bihari accent. She shines in the scene where she gets harassed by the men. However her hockey flashback never makes any impact. Kareena Kapoor as Doctor preet is just mindblowing. She shows her maturity and takes the character on a serious lane. Diljit Dosanjh makes his debut and he does some neat role. Satish Kaushik does a good job as Tayaji even with his little role.
Screenplay by Sudip Sharma and Abhishek Chaubey deserves a special mention. A gripping screenplay has carried the movie. This movie is made with an intention to spread awareness about drugs and its impact on youth and society. Amit Trivedi's music is soothing at times, and most of the times it is just 'Noise'. Benedict Taylor and Naren Chandavarkar have worked on the background score and they are flawless. Rajeev Ravi's cinematography is exemplary. The lightings are so perfect and to show the effects of drug addict, they have used different lightings. Meghna Sen's editing is crisp. But censors have done a better job with the cuts and mutes ! Production values of the movie is also high. 
The movie really has some defining moments and that shows how drugs brings out the monster inside us. The movie also says that Punjab will soon be a Mexico and it would be run by Drug lords. But still the preaching is not in right lane. Climax is a big let down. Kudos to director for handling an alarming issue. But the execution ? It has been sluggish. Characters such as Tommy’s manager are left as loose ends in the story post interval. When things get too intense, the Police inspector and doctor comes 'Close' ! Seriously ? Despite loopholes, the movie gets its accolades for the right message


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