Dumplings in Dallas

Dumplings in Dallas

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Dumplings in Dallas
I was hungry & wanted to go out for lunch. I also wanted
to meet a client for meeting. He recommended me to go to Inchins Bamboo Garden
in Irving. I have been there quite many times before, most of the times eating
fried rice.

This client of mine ordered himself a drink & I ordered
a beer. Being in for lunch, I did not want to have more than that. Normally in
other restaurants, we would order chicken 65, chilly chicken etc., with the
drink. I had no clue to, what to order.

My friend recommended mutton “Schezwan Dumplings”, something
I never heard of. I was reluctant first to order the same, but after he
insisted I should try, I ordered the same.

When the dish was presented before me, I saw something I have
eaten before “Momo’s”, normally found in Chinese restaurants, but was
completely covered in hot sauce.

After a sip of beer, I put some dumplings with the sauce
included in my mouth & it perfectly blended with the taste of beer. It
perfectly suited as very good “munching” with some beer. 

Tired of regular munching starters, “Schezwan Dumplings” is
something that you need to try with your drink if you are in “Inchins Bamboo
Garden” in Irving.

You can order Vegetarian, Chicken, Meat options of your Schezwan

I did pay the bill & it was not for free.
Inchins Bamboo Gardens - 925 W Royal Ln #140, Irving, TX 75039

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