Texas Star Kalakaar 2017

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Few fortunate could ever witness this

Few fortunate could ever witness this

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Few fortunate could ever witness this
Dallas has witnessed one of the amazing event during the weekend of ThanksGiving, Sri Venkateshwara Vaibhavotsam with Grand Srinivasa Kalyanam. This is something only few fortunate people in the world could witness. 
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On the backdrop of near to real replica of tirumala anandha Nilayam, with full size vigraha of Lord venkateshwara (Balaji) it was mesmarizing. Priests, Veda pandits, Prasadam and Melam artists from TTD.
Since I was not present on all 3 days, I can only talk about the 3rd day. 
As soon as I entered the conference center, a lady came to us and informed about the availability of vratam tickets at the counter, you can also get Tirupati Laddoos at the counter. 
We saw lot of food packets, banana's & water on either side of the walkway. Lot of volunteers actively doing various tasks. A tilak was placed on my fore head by a volunteer. Once we passed the lobby & tried to enter the Vaibhavotsam halls, we were asked for wristband that is available for purchase at counter for Srinivasa Kalyanam. 
We preferred to move back to the general area, as our kids would not have allowed to sit through the Abhishekam. 
Once we entered, we saw a very organized way, with many volunteers controlling the crowd. All Media at one place, 70% full audience. 
We sat for 45 minutes, but were disappointed that we could not see any thing. we had to walk in front area to get a small glimpse of vigraha. Even the Pandits performing the pooja were not visible from the chairs behind.  There were side screens projecting everything but for people seated on chairs nothing was properly visible. It would have been better if no chairs were place & everyone sat on the floor. 
We left there after buying the Tirupati laddoo. A free TTD calender was given. On the way out, we took some food. 
Overall I will rate the event 4 out of 5, except if the arrangement for viewing the Pooja was done little better for people behind, more people would have stayed longer. 
Kudos to the organizers who took this challenge & did it in a fantastic way.

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